Crafting compelling stories. On the airwaves, on the page.

                                                                    Focused on language, art, cultural identity.

I grew up French-American, with musician parents. Art, culture and language have always been at the center of my world. After graduating with a degree in English and French from Smith College, I went on to hone my writing skills through a five-year Boston-based career in communications (from public relations for travel media giant TripAdvisor, to managing marketing communications for then start-up Blu Homes, a major green housing company). 

I went on to work independently for a number of companies and individuals, developing eye-catching web content, crafting corporate messaging and press materials, ghost-writing for top executives, translating copy between French and English, and more. (For some examples of my work, see my Clips and Past Work page.) 

AlexI followed my curiosity about language and how it functions in our modern world to a Master’s in Language & Communication at Georgetown University. Here I delved into the world of sociolinguistics, with a specific eye towards how to use a linguist’s toolkit in my writing and communications work. I remain a firm believer that linguists are a deeply undervalued resource in a variety of professional fields, including journalism and talk radio production. 

I now work as a radio producer for the nationally syndicated news talk program, The Diane Rehm Show from NPR and WAMU 88.5 in Washington. This role gives me the remarkable opportunity to craft engaging stories about the most important subjects in our world — from Congressional gridlock to efforts to combat climate change to diversity in the arts. (For some of the shows I have produced and of which I am the most proud, see my Radio Work page). I use my training as a linguist and a communicator every day.

My “other life” is as a professional dancer and ballet teacher (to students ages five to 75!). Laptop in tow, you can frequently find me in a plane, train or automobile, visiting family and friends everywhere from Marseille, France to Denver, Colorado and beyond.