I have spent the last 6 years producing national public radio news programs and podcasts, with a particular focus on the opioid crisis, gender issues, #MeToo, and the arts. After 3 years at the NPR program The Diane Rehm Show, I came to New York where I am currently the senior producer for the WNYC/PRI program The Takeaway, which broadcasts to almost 3 million listeners a week on 280 stations across the country.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces to work on from the last few years.

“Life After Overdose”: A Four Part Series (2019)

“It’s Fueled My Fire”: Formerly-Imprisoned Journalist Reflects One Year Since Khashoggi’s Death (2019)

The Racial Divide of Breastfeeding in the U.S. (2019)

“Undercover, in Darkness and in Secrecy”: One Former Nun’s Story of Abuse (2019)

Rachel Dratch Talks “Wine Country,” Female Friendship…and Fortune Tellers (2019)

Who Gets to Make a Living as an Artist? (2019)

Remembering Marie Colvin, as a New Film Brings Her Story to the Big Screen (2018)

“Dream Crushers”: #MeToo Reveals the Careers that Could Have Been (2018)

New York City Program Takes Controversial Approach to Opioid Crisis (2018)

Marcia Nasatir: The Pioneer Who Paved the Way for Women in Film (2017)

Talking to 100 Rapists (2017)

Benjamin Millepied is Challenging the Old Guard to Modernize Ballet (2017)